Yarn sensor&cutter and Company



1990: FIL CONTROL SARL is created after the acquisition of the textile activity of TELEMECANIQUE.


Sensor Company

textile devices1992: Conception and development of a new product: the capacitive detector MCS, which controls the rectilinear motion of the yarn and can stock the electrostatic charges. This device allows the user to immediately see the failing positions on his machine in order to react as fast as possible.


1995: Broadening of the capacitive sensors range with MCL detectors, allowing the user to control the linear motion, from 1 to 4 wires.


1997: Conception and development of a Pneumatic yarn cutter: the CFD, gathering two technologies (an automatic yarn cutter and a yarn capacitive detector). The CFD is an equipment dedicated to the automatic cutting on several kind of machines.


1998: * Creation of a new detector, the Tension Sensor, which can measure the tension of the yarn on a automatic winding machine.

Development of a Piezoelectric detector: the MPS, which controls a very slow motion or control technical yarn by recording the vibrations made by the yarn on the ceramics. This product is specially designed for yarn tire winding machines.


1999: Creation of the first digital yarn length measurer: the MDL. This is a quality-control equipment with capacitive technology in order to measure the yarn length without contact. Length measurement is necessary for twisting, dyeing and weaving operations.


2001: Improvement of the MDL, which becomes MDL-B.


2003: Creation of a new detector: the CC-AFK, with capacitive technology.


Fil control China

2005: Subsidiary in China

Creation of a subsidiary in China (Manufacturing and sourcing plant), in order to get closer to the Asian market, to our customers and historical partners, and to promote Fil Control products in Asia.

Creation of a new detectors range, with optical technology, with MOS-E and MOS-E FDV (for glass fiber). Thanks to their infra-red beam, they can control different kind of yarn, with linear, to-and-fro or ballooning motion..


2010, Development of a new sensor for tension measurement: the MYT

In nearly 25 years, FIL CONTROL acquired a significant experience in yarn control engineering, turning the customer needs into the most important objective to achieve.