Future Development In Textile Devices Industry

Recently,China achieved remarkable development in textile industry,especially in devices for yarn textile industry.They are specialized in textile machinery product covering the whole process of production,which rank well in the world.However,enterprises still face some issues through progress in textile industry.

Competitiveness to be enhanced

With the increasing focus on technology and innovation,textile equipment industry has shown a good momentum of development. Most companies start to invest in the parts industry, but also intensified the pressure of market competition in textile accessories.

Industrial concentration to be enhanced

With increasing competition in the textile industry, the number of industry manufacturers reduce as well as clothing industry,while the scale of the industry has been improved. And under this competition, industries make improvement in product variety and quality.

Close to the market

Currently, industries and enterprises in the textile equipment are seeking to diversify the impetus for the enterprises development. Industry enterprise tend to be closer to the market not only in products but also in sales and service. They communicate with the user and keep product maintenance and update in order to improve the performance of the product.
With the development in textile industry, many Chinese sensors or other textile devices have made tremendous progress in technology. However, the technology is still on the way to catch the step of famous brand companies in foreign countries. Although some companies exports is increased year by year,the price difference is about 3 to 5 times compared with similar imported products.

 Sustainable development

In recent years, the development of the basic pieces of equipment designed to synchronize with the machines development.We are highly demanded in speed and automation,textile fiber differentiation and the emergence of new textile machines.
From data of the first three quarter in 2013,spare parts procurement in imports is in fluctuation, which is a reflection of the market downturn. Textile enterprises have sought to improve the quality as well as product value.
With the rise of China’s domestic costs, cost advantage is gradually lost. Some modern adopt management of large enterprises apply imported textile devices,which make them good performance and potential advance 
As one of the leaders in devices for yarn textile industry, Fil Control keeps eyes on textile market and seek more opportunities in cooperation with R&D agencies in order to promote competitiveness in textile industry through scientific investment in equipment and procedure creation.