Customer requisitions play an important role in stimulating progress in the diversified textile market. With the principle that the interests of customers is priority, Fil Control keeps developing new products and new market in textile devices industry, and having access to updated technology capability for products development.

From now on, devices for the yarn textile industry is mainly divided into two categories, yarn sensors and yarn cutters. And yarn sensors can be divided into yarn broken sensors and yarn tension sensors. Since 2013, Fil Control has focused on the R&D of new sensors, tension sensors in particular. The yarn tension sensor is particularly significant achievement in this R&D.

The tension sensor applied in the automatic winder is limited in textile market. This time, Fil Control members work together and develop an upgraded version tension sensor – MYT.

MYT has been escalated in performance with high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in order to prevent external electromagnetic interference. This new tension sensor can be widely applied to various types of textile machines. MYT can simultaneously detect multiple strands of yarn tension, and be equipped with LCD screen, which can display tension data during yarn movement. This innovative design will bring good performance on machines. The introduction of new tension sensors will make Fil Control advantages both in automatic winders and other textile machines.

Fil Control ensures product performance, high quality as well as satisfactory price. We believe that this R&D tension sensor will be widely used in the world’s major textile machinery manufacturing enterprises!