China’s First “Evaluation Principles for Green Factory” Released

Recently, “Evaluation Principles for Green Factory” (GB/T 36132-2018) was released officially, which was the first national standard in related field of China.

The standard defines the meaning of green factory. The factory that achieves intensive use of land, uses harmless raw materials, produces in cleanliness way, recycles waste resources, and adopts low-carbon energy, can be defined as green factory. And the evaluation system was formulated based on infrastructure, management system, energy and resource inputs, products, environmental emissions and performance.

Green manufacturing is an important means to solve the problems of national resources and environment, which not only is the important task to achieve transformation and upgrading of the industry, but also is an effective way to achieve green development. To evaluate the green factory, the main body of green manufacturing, is good to establish benchmarks in the industry and guide factories to implement green manufacturing.