Cotton Industry With New Tech——Competiveness Promotion

In recent year,new policy on cotton price improves a lot in productivity in cotton industry, reduce production costs for competitiveness promotion.
It is reported that due to much difficulties in cotton marketing and the supply of high-quality cotton is over real demands, China textile industry strengthens the pace in transferring, which makes productivity down in low-level yarn, quality increasing in high-level yarn.
Experts said that China kept long-term improvement in cotton quality in order to support the developing textile industry. Both the total production volume and average volume have increased by two times since 1990s. The change in relation between supply and demand leads the promotion in consumption level, structure update and quality focus. The development in China cotton industry is highly needed to be transferred from Scale-speed into Quality-efficiency.
Textile industry in China has been seeking for the combination between cotton industry and new-tech in order to broaden new market in textile industry.
Fil Control keeps moving in textile device study, production promoting and market broadeng for more advance!