Fadis Increases Orders By 35 Percent In 2021

Fadis, which has great success in the field of precision winding machines, exports to more than 70 countries around the world. Although the orders of the company followed a fluctuating course in 2021 due to the pandemic, it increased by 35% at the end of the year.

We interviewed Raffaella Carabelli, General Manager of Fadis, for our Tekstil Teknoloji magazine. We first asked Carabelli about the innovations they have made considering sustainability. “Fadis has   been a pioneer  in sustainability and a founding member of the ” green label ” project. Only power consumption applies to our machine type.

Still today our machines are the lowest  power consuming on the mkt thanks to the structural and ergonomic configuration of the machine and to the use of low power consuming step and brushless motors.” Carabelli said.

Expressing that they continue their R&D investments during the pandemic process, Carabelli said, “The evolutions of the new machines is to become every day more interconnected with the surrounding where they are placed. Every single step of the production must be monitored and integrated with the overall factory production to be able to increase efficiency  and reduce the downtime. Most of our developments have been towards 4.0. integrations in this period.”

“We Want to Shorter the Supply Chain Even More”

Regarding the expectations and targets for 2022, Carabelli said, ” Majority of investment are going to be inhouse investment to further increase our production automation and flexibility, like automated wharehouses, automatic tooling machines. Fadis supply chain is already very short, compared to other peers in the market, but the project is to make it even shorter. This strategy has proven very productive during 2021, to reduce the difficulties in  procurement, so we want to continue in the same direction.”

“We Expect Many Turkish Visitors to ITM 2022”

Raffaella Carabelli stated that they could not meet with their customers face to face for a very long time as a result of the postponement or cancellation of the exhibitions due to the pandemic. “It will be surely  a very much expected and sought for exhibition. Surely more than usual. The first ” real ” and important exhibition  after ITMA 2019 If pandemic situation will allow it,  we expect many visitors even from other area then usual one visiting ITM 2022, a part from Turkish customers.” Carabelli said.

Emphasizing that the Turkish market is becoming more important day by day, especially as big brands try to relocalize their supply chains nearer to end users, Carabelli said: “Turkey  is an integrated market processing all types of fibres and products. We are therefore planning to bring our latest devolopement , the AQUAJET,  a unique  concept of air texturizing machine for SDY / FDY, PP, PES yarn, very flexible, productive,  efficient  and easy to handle. Various machines are already working in Bursa area very satisfactorly.”

Interview: Dilek HAYIRLI