Hebei Will Build 5 Garment Industrial Innovation Parks

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry, the General Office of the Hebei Provincial Government released an action plan recently. From this year, Hebei Province will build seven characteristic industrial clusters and create five garment industrial innovation parks. By 2020, it is expected that the main business income of enterprises above designated size in the garment industry of Hebei Province will reach CNY 180 billion, with an average annual increase of about 10%.

Transform the garment industry into high-end development
The garment enterprises in Hebei province will start a new-round technological transformation in the future development, which focus on the reform of related technology, equipment, products, and management. In order to strengthen the “intelligent manufacturing” element, Hebei Province will encourage related government organs, social organizations and key enterprises to actively participate in the intelligent manufacturing development, put forward the technological development plan for niche markets. By 2020, one to two digital workshops will be established in each niche industries, such as men’s clothing, shirts, casual wear, etc.

Meanwhile, the mass customization will also be developed in the garment industry in Hebei Province. From this year onwards, related government organs will set up more pilot demonstration projects, promote key enterprises to build information interaction platform between consumer and enterprises and the platform of supply chain coordination, and guide enterprises to transform from large-scale standardized production to personalized customization, from traditional product-oriented manufacturing model to consumer-oriented manufacturing model.

The garment industry will develop in cluster form
Hebei Province concentrates its effort on fostering seven characteristic industries. By 2020, the output values of seven industrial clusters, i.e., Qinghe Cashmere Cluster, Xinji Leather Cluster, Ningjin Causal Wear Cluster, Zhangjiakou Winter Fashion Cluster, Cixian Children’s wear Cluster, etc., will all reach more than CNY 10 billion, of which one industrial cluster will reach CNY 50 billion.

What’s more, the development of the garment industry will lay emphasis on the innovation parks. Thus, five garment industrial innovation parks will be built in Hebei Province, including the “innovative design + self-owned brand” garments industrial park in Xiongan New Area, Shijiazhuang fashion design incubator base, and the industrial innovation parks in Hengshui Industrial New District, Langfang International Clothing City and Cangzhou Fashion Creative Park.

Improve product visibility
In the next three years, the government of Hebei Province will vigorously introduce well-known fashion design agencies and related talents, and encourage talented designers from all over the country to start business in Hebei Province. Meanwhile, the government will support the cooperation between garment enterprises and design agencies by holding mutual communication activities more than two times each year. It is worth mentioning that the government will organize enterprises in Hebei Province to communicate with the enterprises and design agencies from Beijing, Tianjin and Shenzhen, widely introduce high-end brands, design teams and management models, and carry out various forms of cooperation.