A Number of Key Technologies for Textile Machinery and Equipment to Be Developed

Industrial key generic technologies play important role in the innovative development of manufacturing industry. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) organized a study on the key generic technologies that are badly needed by manufacturing industries and that are expected to make breakthrough within short time, and then issued the “Industrial Key Generic Technology Development Guidelines (2017)”, which provides a list of 174 such technology. In this list, eleven technologies are related to the textile industry and among which, several technologies are related to textile machinery and equipment.

“Dry-jet wet spinning technology for high-performance carbon fibers” will involve “rapid homogeneous peroxidation technology and high-efficient energy-saving peroxidation and carbonization equipment”.

“Intelligent technology for entire printing and dyeing process” will include process parameter online collecting technology and automatic control technology, process online monitoring technology, dye auto-weighing and dispensing technology, digitalized dyeing technology, numerically controlled dyeing equipment and centralized automatic control system.

“Key processing technologies for high-performance nonwoven materials” will involve “high-speed carding technology, spin-draw technology, high-speed uniform web-forming technology, high-speed broad-width spin/melt composite technology, functional finishing technology, etc.”

“Key technologies for industrialization of bio-based chemical fibers” will involve “key technology and equipment for production of bio-based pentanediamine and for industrial production of polyamide”.

“Complete-set intelligent cotton spinning system” will include whole spinning process real-time monitoring technology, intelligent materials transportation technology for spinning room, remote production process control and fault diagnosis technology, micro-motor driving and control technologies for rotor spinning machine and vortex spinning machine.

“Large-capacity, high-efficient flexible production and functionalization technology for chemical fibers” will involve “large-capacity polymerization and modification technology and equipment, online adding technology, technology for injecting color or functional master batch before meeting pump, modular and interchangeable technology for spinning pack, quenching system and fiber-forming, technologies for adjusting and controlling profiled cross-section, denier, shrinkage and tenacity of fibers, digitalized imitation design and processing technology, intelligent product classification technology, networked process control system, production process execution system, production plan optimizing system and resources management system for entire supply chain, etc.”

“High-speed digital ink-jet printing technology” will include fabric low-consumption pre-treatment technology, technology for infiltration control of ink on fabric surface, high-speed ink-jet printing technology and equipment, etc.”

“Short wet-steam dyeing with reactive dyes technology and equipment” will involve equipment for short wet-steam dyeing, salt-free continuous dyeing with reactive dyes, etc.

Source: China Textile Leader Express