The Path for Innovative Development of Xinjiang Textile and Apparel Industry

Textile and apparel industry is a traditional pillar industry and an important livelihood industry that Xinjiang strives to develop under its strategy of turning advantageous resources into real economy and a fundamental industry for increasing employment. It also plays a particularly important role in the national textile and apparel industry. During the 13th “Five-year Plan” period (2016 — 2020), the textile and apparel industry in Xinjiang should carry out five major development concepts, take the opportunities brought by the government’s major strategies such as the “Belt and Road” initiative and the policy on increasing employment by developing textile and apparel industry, focus on the current realities while working out long-term plan, push up the development of the industry to a higher level. By introducing the development foundation and focal points of Xinjiang’s textile and apparel industry, the paper discusses how the industry to bring about new momentum for the development of the industry via doubling its efforts to opening up domestic and overseas markets, promoting the development of industry chain and improving the distribution of industry.