Shandong Promotes “1 + N” New Model to Boost Overall Intelligent Level

“1 + N” new model is one important way to promote intelligent manufacturing in Shandong Province. “1” represents the enterprises in the list of national intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration enterprises. “N” represents the correlative enterprises of the same trade or along the supply chain. At present, in Shandong, 15 enterprises’ intelligent manufacturing projects of 11 industries are listed as national pilot projects.

The essence of “1 + N” action is as follow: in the key industries where basic conditions are ripe, encouraging national intelligent manufacturing pilot and demonstration enterprises to pair with the enterprises of the same trade or along the supply chain, so as to popularize the typical experiences and total solution of intelligent manufacturing and boost the overall intelligent level of the industry as a whole.

At present, the promotion activity in the province has seen the results. In July 2016 and May 2017, Shandong Economic and Information Technology Committee organized on-the-spot meetings of textile printing and dyeing industry and machinery industry respectively at Shandong Companion Group and Zhangqiu factory of Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd, to share advanced experience. Thereinto, Shandong Companion Group developed the “digital automatic cheese dyeing technology and equipment” through three major innovations in dyeing process, equipment and system, winning national technology advancement award. They constructed digital automatic cheese dyeing production line and intelligent cheese dyeing plant. As the results, the automatic data acquisition rate of production process achieves 95% and above; the NC rate of main machine and equipment reaches 92% and the production efficiency increased by 28%. For per ton of yarn, they can reduce 60% of water, 45% of electricity, 58% of stream and 80% of labor. During the meeting, Shandong Companion Group signed an agreement Ruyi Group and Oriental Carpet Co., Ltd. on intelligent manufacturing project. Under the stressful background, they play an important role in economic benefit and social benefit.