Shanxi Province Intensifies Efforts to Revitalize the Textile Industry

Shanxi Province has recently released the “Three-year Rejuvenation Plan for Consumer Goods Industries (2018-2020)”. This plan will focus on four areas as follows: strengthen, expand, and increase returns on competitive industries, cultivate potential industries, make a big push to foster emerging consumption industries, and promote industrial agglomeration development.

In terms of the hemp and silk industry, the enterprises will take advantages of R&D and production in Shanxi Province, strengthen the development of high-count hemp yarn, hemp/silk blended products, and publicize and promote enterprises’ brand. The cotton spinning and dyeing industry will accelerate the development of high-grade combed yarns, speed up development of intelligent printing and dyeing industry, and deepen the integration of industrialization with information technology. Enterprises in the garment industry will improve the level of fashion design and product development ability, and build an industrial system integrating R&D, fashion design, production, logistics and sales.

For the enterprises in the industrial textiles industry, they will promote the industrialization of high-end carbon fiber products, develop functional fabrics and garments, introduce intelligent products, and promote the development of new model of personalized customization.

Meanwhile, Shanxi Province will advance industries and niche market, promote the planning layout of existing industrial parks, and form new pattern of development.