Shengze Lets the Traditional Textile Industry Gain New Vitality

Since the beginning of 2018, Shengze Town has strictly followed the requirements of high quality development, concentrating on “green intelligence” and taking innovation as the primary driving force behind development. The government intends to transform traditional industries and cultivate emerging industries by adopting new technologies and new concepts.

Accelerating technological transformation of enterprises is an effective way to enhance the economic development vitality and promote the core competitiveness. The intelligent equipment newly introduced by Shengze Town’s enterprises this year has greatly increased the degree of automation, reducing labor costs and making new breakthroughs in product quality.

In the first quarter of 2018, the industrial value output of the top 10 enterprises in Shengze Town totaled CNY 7.68 billion, seeing year-on-year rises of 21.21%, accounting for 56.86% of the total value output of enterprises above designated size in the town. With the deep integration of “Internet Plus”, flagship enterprises are moving toward to high-end intelligence, speed up the replacement of old growth drivers, and further release production capacity. And the enterprise revenue will improve significantly with increasing number of high-end products, which have independent intellectual property rights.

Fan Jianlong, member of the Standing Committee of Shengze District, said that “Only have backward products but not backward industries.” The transformation is not to weaken the textile industry, but to optimize its industrial structure. Textile companies are encouraged to take intelligence as a new strategic point for their industrial transformation, advance the development of intelligent workshops, and create demonstration benchmarks for intelligent industry. In addition, Shengze Town also attached great importance to accelerating the integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and speed up the replacement of old growth drivers.