The Development of ITMA2015

    As the most focused title among the textile machinery industry, sustainability means having a good control over yarn costs, keeping data updated and making adjustments countermeasures in order to grasp market direction, push the progress in textile and textile machinery.

 How to achieve suitainable development?

     For yarn manufacturers, machine builders as well as textile machinery devices companies, active adaptation to the current downturn in textile industry, good self-regulation and opportunities taking for the global economy are very needed. As a result, further communication in the platform of ITMA 2015 will promote our market.

ITMA milan

    ITMA, the world’s most established integrated textile and garment manufacturing technologies showcase is set for its 17th presentation in Milan in 2015.

    Innovation has always been an integral part of ITMA’DNA:It has been the world’s leading platform for presenting the latest manufacturing technology.

    ITMA 2015 will feature 19 key exhibit sectors, with renewed emphasis on Fiber & Yarn, Garment Making and printing.

    Fil Control,as one of the exhibitor in ITMA 2015,has been working on the preparation. We have firm faith in taking advantages of the beneficial platform, maintaining relations with old customers, creating new cooperationg with promising clients as well as innovating new projects. Fil Control keeps making self-improvement,analyzing the dynamic condition of market so that we can catch and even foresee the demands of clients and build a win-win future.


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