Textile machine spare parts specialist – Fil Control

Textile machine spare parts specialist – Fil Control

Spare parts for Textile Industry

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With the 3 major fields: yarn cutters, yarn break sensors, and quality control equipment, FIL CONTROL offers its customers and partners solutions to control the yarn. This is a key point to insure a reliable manufacturing process and a protection of the textile machine.

A lot of the world famous textile machinery manufacturer already trust in Fil Control for many years: OERLIKON – FADIS – SAVIO – RATTI – ICBT – VERDOL – NSC SCHLUMBERGER – AIKI – BELMONT – GALAN – HAIYUAN – HONGYUAN – CORAL – TAITAN – KAIGONG – PACIFIC – JINGWEI GROUP

Specialist of textile devices

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Fil Control sells the products all around the world, through the sales department and the agent network. Fil Control offer its clients an exclusive range of Textile Machinery Spares, which is highly durable, affordable and available in accurate dimensions. This array is acknowledged for efficiency that is basically applicable in the textile industry. The textile machinery spares work for longer and are available in diverse specifications to meet different needs of the valued customers.More than 20 years of experience in manufacturing of Textile Machinery spare parts gives the products a touch of excellence.

Textile machine management system


A textile spinning machine management system having means for sensing an instantaneous operating condition of at least one of a plurality of components of a spinning machine, means connected to the means for sensing for recording and storing a representation of the sensed operating condition in a digital data acquisition file, and means for manipulating the stored data according to a predetermined stress function and means for evaluating the data for performance of preventative maintenance.

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