The Textile Yarn Breakage Sensor Control Device

From now on, devices for the yarn textile industry is playing a indispensible role in the multidimensional textile market.  Fil Control has been one of the leaders in the field of textile machinery and control equipment. With the development of devices for the yarn textile industry, man-machine operation model has been transformed into mechanical automation operation era, which helps textile enterprises with costs reduction and raw materials utilization improvement.

It has been a long history for the progress of national and international textile machinery equipment. In China, companies can take the advantage of low costs to get major market. However, this strength will be gradually decreased by limited using period and technology. In contrast, European companies do well in production research and tech update. As a result, they have a voice in the future in textile machinery equipment enterprise and will attract more attention from great textile companies. But a new revolution is coming with the competition of national tech progress and market pressure.

As a professional French R & D and manufacturer of textile machinery control devices , Fil Control took the opportunity to set a manufacturing factory in China in 2004. Fil Control products have been widely used in many excellent textile companies on the base o f abroad high-tech and domestic low costs. Fil Control provides high-quality textile devices, which can be applied  in various types of machines like winding machines, twisting machines and rewinding machines.

It is important for choosing good yarn sensors to take some respects into consideration, including efficiency promotion, materials saving and quality guarantee in textile crafts. Knowledge of automatic sensor devices as well as market analysis are also needed. We assisted many clients with difficult issues like how to select suitable samples based on various types of machines and technical parameters, especially for yarn breakage sensors.

Take one case as an example:one yarn producer in Zhejiang Province purchased a set of good sensor devices, who has not thought about response time, input signals and etc.. The sensors can not be applied in their machine. The key problem is lack consideration of detail reference.  Fil Control will help clients select customized devices with expert research and analysis. Fil Control will help test the products application on machines, including stability and feasibility.

Fil Control believe that good sensor choice makes good textile advance.