MDL-B Length Meter Range

Length Meter Range



The MDL-B device is a Quality-Control product, based on capacitive technology, useful for measurement without contact of textile yarn lengths. It can also be used for speed regulation of the machine. More and more metered bobbins are needed for twisting, dyeing, weaving, etc.

It can be used on any kind of winder (cop winders, cone-to-cone, automatic winders with clearer, etc.)
To produce bobbins of the same length (repeatability better than 0,5 % on cone-to-cone winders). The MDL-B set is dispatched into 3 parts
 Capacitive sensors fixed on each bobbin position of the winding machine  An interface supervisor (IS) which is designated to manage all the positions
 Specific mechanical brackets and wiring, relating to the machine type A cutter, if needed can be installed on each position
Yarn length is calculated from the speed of the yarn. The electrical charge variations are measured by a capacitive probe. This signal is analysed and computed through a microcomputer located in each sensor. When the bobbins are achieved, each MDL-B sensor gives order to cut the yarn or stop the position.

Length sensor


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