Tension Sensor

Tension Sensor

Quality Control Devices are installed on spinning machines to check on-line different process parameters of a textile yarn, in particular the tension and linear speed. This information is used to ensure the quality and the characteristics repeatability of spools of thread.

The tension sensor is one of the three types of quality control devices offered by Fil Control, measuring yarn tension for automatic winding machine.


The tension sensors present the following features:

Application : This sensor is design for measuring the dynamical tension in a moving thread. This thread should run in a backward and forward motion.
Principle: This sensor is a dynamical sensor. The main element of this sensor is a piezoelectric element mounted on a flexible beam. The output voltage of the sensor is linked to the force on the ceramic. The frequency of this voltage is due to the frequency of the backward and forward motion of the thread. Some filters are used to cut-off the unused frequencies. This sensor is design for regulated the tension of the thread on a winding machine.
Calibration of the sensors: The sensors are calibrated to supply all sensors in a range of 16% of dispersion.


Tension sensor

Fil control technological leader

Fil Control is a technological leader based in France and a major player of manufacturing equipment for the yarn textile industry, including design, development and industrialization. The company achieves 80% turn over as export sales and is present in many countries thanks to its technological expertise.

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Tension Sensor


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Tension Sensor is used in industrial applications (mostly textile)  where the tension is being measured by using special tools. We Test and Compact design for Easy Fittings and perfect results for our customers.

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