Yarn cutter with automatic reset

Yarn cutter with automatic reset Pneumatically or electro-mechanically controlled, they are designed for continuous process machinery.



CFD ( pneumatic)

The CFD 423865 is a pneumatic yarn cutter specially developed for RIETER texturing machines. It can cut yarns up to 3 000 dtex.
FUNCTIONS: The CFD is useful on automatic machines, during the winding process, to automatically cut the yarn when the bobbin is full.
PRINCIPLE: The yarn runs inside the tube of the yarn cutter, in an air flow. When the bobbin is full, a signal coming from the machine will give information to cut the yarn. One ceramic blade is moved by the compressed air through a spring and acts like scissors versus another fixed ceramic blade (guillotine). Blade motion must be completed fully to assume the cutting function. See design below. Cutting time cycle must be less than 50 ms (+/- 20 %).

CFD yarn cutter

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CA9-R ( electric)

The CA9-R yarn cutter is a device especially devoted to automatic winders.  FUNCTION: the CA9-R cuts automatically the yarn when the bobbin is full. The CA9-R is useful on automatic winders: more and more the yarn has to be automatically cut when the bobbin is full. Some machine builders utilise pneumatic cutters, but the trend is to use electromagnetic utters. The CA9-R has to cut the yarn and generally to clamp it.

PRINCIPLE : When the bobbin is full, an arm brings the yarn into the groove of the CA9-R. Then the CA9-R cuts the yarn. The blade is moved through an electromagnet activated by a signal from the machine. A spring clamps the yarn then a new bobbin can easily be processed.

ELECTRICAL PROTECTION : The CA9-R is protected against reversed polarities and is dust resistant


CA9Rfil control yarn cutter

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