Electromechanical Sensor

Electromechanical Sensor

Electromechanical yarn break Sensor


The XC2-F is a low cost electromechanical yarn break detector.
MAIN FUNCTION: To control the presence of any kind of yarns. When the yarn breaks, the XC2-F will act as a switch off in a circuit and stop a position or a machine. It is generally used on winders and creels, because of it is small sized and easy fastening detector. For many years, the XC2-F series have been installed on many builder machines.
PRINCIPLE : The yarn pushes on a feeler. When the strength resulting from the running yarn is sufficient, the feeler is on balance. When the yarn breaks, the feeler acts as an electrical contact that gives information to the machine.
ELECTRICAL PROTECTION : The XC2-F series have been designed to be in accordance with the standards.
There are protected against Electromagnetic influences.


Electromechanical sensor detecor yarn


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