Piezo-electric sensor

Piezo-electric sensor

Piezo-electric sensor



The MPS 1 is a sensor which provided a signal with a frequency proportional to the step of torsion and the tape speed. It makes possible to control the step of torsion and/or its regularity in the operations of ends assembly


The MPS is a piezoelectric sensor devoted to assembling and twisting operations: high count (400 to 10 000 dTex) and high tensioned yarns (100 to 2 700 g).


product-2MAIN FUCNTION: Control of the final yarn in order to detect breaking of one of the ends.

When one or two ends break or when scrolling stops, the MPS will inform the user that the position is in defect. It can activate a yarn cutter or stop the position by giving LOH information to the automate.

PRINCIPLE: The MPS follows the yarn vibrations on the ceramic. To get independent positions, each signal is analysed by the electronics of each MPS sensor.

A 4° minimum embarrage has to be made between ceramic top and linear yarn motion. Yarn speed must be within 20 to 120 m / min.

ELECTRICAL PROTECTION: MPS protection against reversed polarity and high level overload on output. It shows a very high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).



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